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Kokajko states, "Photography has been an important tool for me since the 1960's. In 2011, I set myself the challenge of creating a series that expresses my central artistic vision. Using the native and imported plants found on the Florida Gulf Coast as my subject matter I have created images, somewhat idealized and abstract, that express my respect for form and structure. Cues for actual size are missing or altered, a spiral coiled fern becomes visually equivalent to a Hubble view of the Whirlpool Galaxy. Mathematical forms are revealed as a natural consequence, illustrating both the simply geometry of linear equations and the controlled chaos of non linear fractals."


Kokajko was born and raised in suburban New Jersey John has also lived in Berkley, California and the backwoods of Maine. He presently lives in Bradenton, Florida, with his wife Martha Kokajko, an Acupuncture Physician with her own practice. Photography has been part of John's life from grade school in the early 60's. Ansel Adams and Edward Weston were major influences.


Organized by the f8 Galleries and Studio, the exhibition also features black-and-white and color photographs by various award-winning, fine-arts photographer. The juried guest photographers are: Skip Nall, H.D. Hasselbarth, Virginia Hoffman, Vincent Taschetti, Chris Thibaut, Kaje Housman, Thom Jernigan and Dieter Tamson.


The exciting and contemporary collection of images range from photo-journalistic to completely manipulated photo-digital art. Each display showcases the style and vision of the photographer.


"Our goal," says owner, Matt Allison, "is to have a place focused on helping photographers fulfill their needs. f8 is more than a photography gallery; it's also a full service photographic and digital art studio. We offer photography classes, workshops, photo walks, and one-on-one lessons."


All works are available for purchase; and the opening reception is free and open to the public. It coincides with Bradenton's Village of the Arts Art Walk. f8 Gallery and Studios are located at 1329-b 11th Street W, Bradenton, FL. Please call 941.447.2619 for gallery hours or private appointments.

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A Day Without Cares - French Cultural Photographs https://ax4u.zenfolio.com/blog/2012/3/a-day-without-cares---french-cultural-photographs AX4U-Fine Art Photography is pleased to announce the release of H.D. Hasselbarth’s new book for A Day Without Cares.  This book, available on www.blurb.com, explores life along the Seine River and rural France through cultural photography. 


Cultural photography demonstrates that an image can change our perception and alter our understanding of a subject.  This idea helps to raise awareness about various cultures, to document changing habits and to elevate social concerns through photography.  By the power of photographic storytelling, society can move towards understanding and accepting other cultures.


A Day Without Cares captures the similarities between cultures more than the differences.  A girl walking on a wall, a couple strolling past an ice cream stand, or a boy contemplating the ocean are all everyday occurrences; but the emotions captured will speak to photographers and viewers alike.  The photographer’s eye has the ability to see the potential for a strong picture and then organize the elements into an effective photograph.


Digital photography has brought a new, exciting aspect to landscape photography.  It provides instant feedback, but also allows for editing tools to enhance and enrich the final product.  The black and white photos with a touch of color are excellent examples of drawing the eye into a photo.  This has a profound effect on the way the photograph is interpreted.


A peaceful book, full of tranquil landscapes and incredible images, author H.D. Hasselbarth shows you both the how and the why of finding, chasing, and expressing your vision with a camera to your eye. Vision leads to passion, and passion is a cornerstone of great photography. With it, photographs draw the eye in and create an emotional experience. Without it, a photograph is often unable to capture a viewer’s attention.


Both contemplative and inspirational, A Day Without Cares inspires you on your photographic journey to make better images of the places and people you love, whether they are around the world or in your own backyard.  Hasselbarth demonstrates how to tell stories, and provides commentaries on the photographs in English and French.  Most importantly, she shows that vision, when it comes to photographing people, places, and cultures, fills the frame with intimacy.


These images establish a continuum of time and tradition. From the historic Normandy beachscapes paying homage to the ravages of World War II, or the landscapes of the Calvados region, or the flowers in Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, one feels that the essence of life has changed little.  The architecture and landscapes juxtapose the old and new.


“France, like the rest of Europe, has a rich history of tradition and of keeping traditions alive in the face of changing times.  So it seemed natural to try and capture the living vignettes outside the big cities.  I am very pleased with the final presentation of photographs in the book,” states Hasselbarth. 


In her work, Hasselbarth assumes a neutral gaze and creates her art from commonplace subjects: a lone figure on the beach, an empty chair, a red shirt, the village hotel.  The significance lies in understanding the objects and the story behind it.  Like the life she studies, her pieces run the gamut from solemnly visceral to enchantingly charming.


Her work is displayed in galleries in New Hampshire, Florida, California and New York.  She is listed in Who’s Who in Visual Arts – 100 Photographers for 2011-2012.  Currently, her work is distributed through www.ax4u.zenfolio.com.

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